1. Yep!

  2. I spent sometime at my altar. I burned some sage, I 1st Peter 5:7, sang some promises to God, and sat in silence. God is so good y’all! I thank God for the opportunity to begin again! He will restore and trade you beauty for your ashes!


  3. "One day it’ll all make sense." Common
    “And we’ll understand it better by and by.” Hymn

  4. Epic salad ingredients for my lunch at work for the week! I like hefty salads so it has carrots, sprouts, spinach, pineapples, peppers, strawberries, mushrooms, broccoli, sea salted almonds and extra firm tofu for baked tofu crumbles! Salad dressing is Raspberry vinaigrette.

  5. Companhia Urbana De Dança jam session! So needed for my energy reset!

  6. A book that is coming my way!

    About this item Product Description

    To cut dead means to refuse to acknowledge another with the intent to punish. Gregory Ellison says that this is the plight of African American young men. They are stigmatized with limited opportunity for education and disproportionate incarceration. At the same time, they are often resistant to help from social institutions including the church. They are mute and invisible to society but also in their inward being. Their voice and physical selves are not acknowledged, leaving them ripe for hopelessness and volatility. If the need is so great yet the desire for help wanes, where is the remedy?

    Healing can begin by reframing the problem. While cutting someone dead is destructive, it can also serve to prune and repot a disfigured being—giving new possibilities for life. In this provocative book, Ellison shows how caregivers can sow seeds of life, and nurture with guidance, admonition, training, and support in order to help create a community of reliable others serve as extended family.

    About the Author
    Gregory Ellison II is Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at Candler School of Theology, Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

  7. Reasons to be thankful!

  8. Red light selfie! Chillin in my @RayBans and my @Brixton Porkpie.


  9. I am thoroughly thrilled and proud of my father and the way he allows God to use him. He has brought a might word in revival this week! At times he makes having his name difficult and hard to live up to but I thank him for setting a standard for me to try and reach. I thank God for letting him be my father! I AM ONE PROUD SON!


  10. At McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS)

    HOME! – at McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) – See on Path.